Affengriffon Dog Breed Pictures Characteristics, And Facts.


The Affengriffon is a distinctive and beautiful crossbreed, attracting admiration from all who meet them. For some, it is the ideal breed, this crossbreed comes from the two breeds that are the parents Affenpinscher as well as Brussels Griffon, both beloved family pets over many generations. The dog that is able to adapt is at ease with any person. Many of their traits make them ideal for new dog owners.

The Affengriffon has a fun character, with a clownish side at times. This breed is susceptible to being hyper and vocal. However, they can be suitable for apartment life. Because of their high energy levels, The Affengriffon is the best choice for a dog owner who isn’t afraid of regular exercise.

The Affengriffon isn’t likely to be located in rescue or shelters because of its rarity. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from fostering one of the many dogs looking for homes in rescues and shelters. Breed-specific rescues aimed at any or both of these breeds might come with a similar mix-up to be adopted. Be aware that neither breed that is parents is particularly well-liked within the US.


Affengriffon is a strong and sometimes stubborn dog with a heart of gold.

The Affengriffon is tiny but they’re a boisterous group and they’re comfortable with even the biggest of players.

Even though it is sometimes loud Although it can be noisy, the Affengriffon is usually a good option for people who live in apartments.


The Affengriffon is relatively new on the crossbreeding scene, however, both breed mixes’ parent breeds are well known and appreciated. Affenpinschers were once used for their rat-catching abilities, which originated in Germany However, they’re more well-known for their affectionate but playful, family members.

The Brussels Griffon’s ancestry was related to catching vermin however they swiftly transitioned into companion animals. The Affengriffon has a lively charismatic personality due to the mix of the two breeds.


Affengriffon Affengriffon is a tiny breed with a spunky personality that makes them appear bigger than life. Inspiring and strong-willed, a little additional effort could have for training because this breed is difficult at times. However, all that hard work is worth it with a loyal partner. While they might be small, they’re energetic and fun.


The Affengriffon is lively and outgoing, and generally is a good companion for almost everybody. This dog is able to be content in many different environments. Living in an apartment is usually a good thing, however, you must keep up with the training.

The Affengriffon can become noisy. This breed loves coming to restaurants that are outdoors or shopping with dogs; they’re usually anything but shy.


The Affengriffon is generally a healthy dog that could easily reach the age of 10. However, there are possible health problems that could be more prevalent for these breeds due to genetic factors that come from their parent’s breeds. Particularly, they could suffer breathing issues because of the Brussels Griffon’s nose snub.

  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Brachycephalic syndrome


The Affengriffon is usually suited for apartments, but they can be content just about everywhere. But, they require regular exercise, usually by taking a half-hour or more stroll. They can be loud and can be a bit stubborn at times. If you live in an apartment pet owners may be interested in crate training early. Pet parents might also be interested in enrichment options such as Snuffle mats.


Affengriffons Affengriffon must be given a food regimen that is consistent with that of a smaller dog with moderate energy levels. Due to the small size of the Affengriffon, they may be troubled in keeping your pearly whites.

Give them crunchy treats such as carrot sticks or dental chews. Since all dogs are different in their diet needs it is best to consult your vet to determine the most appropriate food for your pet.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Affengriffon is a medium-length coat, which is usually rough. Regular bathing and regular brushing will keep this puppy in top form. Brushing should occur every week, if not more. Although the breed sheds less the thick coat could result in matting, even without regular maintenance.

The pup is hypoallergenic however, the low shed doesn’t necessarily mean low maintenance. As with all breeds, make sure you regularly check the nails of your Affengriffon to ensure that they don’t grow too long.

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