The Afraid Dog Breed Pictures Characteristics, And Facts.

The Afraid
The Afraid

The Afaird is relatively new to the “designer dog” crossbreeding market. The mixed breed is derived from two beloved and long-perfected dog breeds that are the Afghan Hound and the Briard. The combination of these two breeds is for certain people, a match perfect.

The Afaird’s distinctive look and large personality make them attractive dogs for anyone who is who wants to make heads turn. While the mixed breed of the Afaird implies that there are certain variations in appearance, they usually sport Briard-inspired spotted coats that are draped over the sleek frame of an Afghan Hound.

The Afaird breed has a powerful personality, characterized by intelligence and a protective nature towards family members of the human race. Afairds are energetic and have a lot of energy. People who are considering adopting them should be prepared to increase their workout routines. Their energy never ceases to make them the perfect option for a family with a busy lifestyle.

More About This Breed


For dog owners who enjoy long walks or canine sports such as flyball or agility, the Afaird’s endless energy can be the perfect match.

With a large personality, The Afaird is a size that is in line with. They’re not likely to do well within an apartment.


Because of the design breed crossbreeds the Afaird is somewhat uncertain in its physical and temperament. Certain Afairds are exactly 50/50 crosses, whereas others contain a greater percentage of Afghan Hound or Briard parentage. But, the breeds that are the parents of this cross are rich in tradition.

Afghan Hound is a breed that has a long history. Afghan Hound originates from the mountains of Afghanistan and is renowned for its impressive posture with a silky, silky coat.

The Briard is a traditional French breed, which was originally developed to herd sheep and guard them. The mix of these two breeds results in the Afaird’s distinctive personality and distinctive appearance.


There is a variation in the size of the Afaird because of crossbreeding. However, they’re typically large dogs and are likely to be 60 to 80 pounds. The breeds that are the parents of the Afairds also require a lot of grooming and this crossbreed has no exceptions as their thick fur coat can make their appearance appear bigger.


The Afaird is a lively affectionate dog breed that loves spending long hours playing with family members. However, they’re not the best choice for new dog owners. Briards are driven to be active, which means that Afairds might be irritable even when their dog owners feel exhausted after their greatest efforts to exercise.

Furthermore, the Afghan Hound is notably difficult to train. The Afaird usually exhibits these traits and can be difficult to train, or just inflexible when they do not want to take part in some kind of sport.

All that said for a calm and experienced dog lover Afaird will be the perfect pet. Afaird will compensate for the time spent with them with unconditional affection and enthusiasm.


While Afairds generally are healthy, however, they do have a list of ailments they are susceptible to that dog owner who is new must be aware of.

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cataracts

• Sensitivity to Anesthesia


The Afaird’s vivacious personality and unending energy make him a great family pet. They are most suitable for experienced dog owners who want to dedicate themselves to rigorous training and regular grooming. Afairds can like having a job or a duty like the sheepherding industry or agility. They might want to have a dog parent who is at home and is able to bring their pet to work.


It is recommended that the Afaird must be given a balanced diet with the diet of a larger-sized dog with a high level of energy. It is possible to supplement their diet with The Afaird by feeding them salmon or flaxseed oil to help strengthen their coat. Since all dogs are different in the way they eat It is recommended to talk with your vet to determine the most suitable food for your pet.

Coat Color And Grooming

Although there is a lot of difference in the appearance of the Afaird because it is a crossbreed but one thing is certain: you’ll never find an Afaird with a thick coat unless it’s been removed intentionally. They require brushing every two days if they don’t do it daily to prevent knots and mats.

If they don’t get regular grooming the dogs are more susceptible to hot and dry spots, dry skin, and other unpleasantries that come with coats that haven’t been groomed. As with all dogs, Afairds must have regular nail trimmings. Also, pay attention to the hair around the toes since it is prone to becoming matted.

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