10 Myths about Dogs You Should Know

Many myths about the world of dogs that they can observe in black and white, one human year equals seven dog years and they consume grass to cleanse… What number of such things have we heard or believed to be real?

1- One year of human life is equal to seven dog years.

False. Dogs are more mature than humans, however, it is difficult to determine the equivalent in years of each. This kind of prediction is not a guideline and is highly subjective.

The whole thing is dependent on the progress of the animal. Not all dogs have the same lifespan; smaller dogs may live longer than larger ones. It is a fact that, in the context of the average lifespan of dogs, at the age of 2 years, they’re considered adults and at 9 it is considered that they are old.

2- Dogs are able to see in black and white

False. Dogs do perceive the world as a variety of shades. However, they are not able to perceive colors the same way that we do, however, they can recognize colors like yellow and blue. They also are more prone to problems when it comes to warm colors like pink and red. In reality, dogs can distinguish between various colors and this is proven by scientific research.

3- If my dog is dry on the nose, that means they are sick.

False. Have you had to be scared by the nose of your pet was dry, and you believed they were sick? While most dogs have a moist nose, they may be scalding from the temperature or when they get up from a nap like you do when you lie down in a mouth-open position. It is only necessary to be concerned for them if they show other bizarre symptoms such as mucus, blood, sores, lumps, etc.

4- Dogs consume grass to cleanse themselves

A Half-truth. There are a variety of theories regarding it, but it’s not true that all dogs vomit after eating grass, thus this isn’t likely to be the primary reason. It could be for fiber, or just because they love it.

5- Before sterilizing the dog, it is best to allow puppies

False. Motherhood is not good for their health and they will not have a greater sense of satisfaction, therefore it’s completely unnecessary to have a baby. Actually, it’s recommended to sterilize them as quickly as possible in order to prevent health issues such as cysts, tumors, or emotional pregnancies.

6- Certain breeds are naturally aggressive

It is a lie. Certain dogs are thought to be risky due to their strength and musculature as well as the amount of damage reported in hospitals. But, it is important to keep in fact that this is a non-intentional number, considering that wounds from small dogs are not often found in hospitals and add to the numbers.

Many of them were trained and raised for fighting and become aggressive and have psychological issues which are why they are referred to as a bad breed. However, the reality is that they are not dangerous if you teach them correctly. they are not more dangerous than other breeds. This is evident from the Kennel Club’s mention of the American pitbull terrier they call an animal that is friendly, even when it comes to strangers.

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