11 Dog Beds For Bulldogs (That Are Worth Buying)

Let’s face it bulldogs love to get their beauty sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to know what dog beds for bulldogs we should get. The fact is that there are just so many out on the market that it could make your head spin and make your decision-making hard.

In this post, I’ll share with you what I have learned over the years about what type of dog bed a bulldog needs to keep him or her comfortable and of course, snoring away.

What To Look For In Beds For Bulldogs

The bulldog breed needs a bed that is supportive and comfortable at the same time.

My English bulldogs past and present probably slept most of the days away and that’s ok because that’s what bullies love to do. I wish I could do that lol… 

A long time ago, I would buy cheap dog beds thinking that it wouldn’t feel like I was wasting money if I needed to throw them out due to my dogs tearing them up, making them completely flat from their body weight or if they peed on the dog beds.

But I soon realized that’s really a good idea. I mean… I know I don’t particularly appreciate sleeping on a cheap mattress because I would wake up with an achy back from it, and I’m sure you feel the same way.

A well-made bed that is supportive of our bulldog’s joints and that is comfy is the perfect mix for this breed. The cheap inexpensive dog beds are none of those.

I learned my lesson, though, and invested in a bed that was just a little bit more money, and that was made to last. Honestly, that made me feel good knowing that my bulldogs were getting good sleep.

Beds For Bulldogs

The below beds are perfect to use for an English bulldog bed and a French bulldog bed or actually and bully breed for that matter.

Best Dog Beds For Bulldogs

Bulldogs will usually spread out when they sleep and they also tend to sleep on their backs at times.

All of that sleep that keeps them laying in the same spot, could put some strain on their joints, and we don’t want that to happen; that’s for sure.

These are some of my favorite dog beds for bulldogs especially #3 and all of them will fit nicely with your home decor since they’re all pretty neutral.

Wanna know what they are? Keep on scrollin’!

bed for bulldog

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1.  Plush Orthopedic Sofa

This L-shaped Chaise Couch with ergonomic contour mattress and self-warming hi-lo cuddler is a dog bed that your bulldog will love. It gives support and plenty of space to stretch out.

2. Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

A portable raised dog bed that has a sturdy and breathable mat. It’s very comfortable for all bulldogs and can be used indoors or outdoors. I love how this dog bed cot can be hosed off outside if you need to clean it.

3. CLOUDZONE Dog Beds for Medium Dogs/Large/Small

This dog bed ticks off all of my needs for my bulldog bed. It’s an orthopedic pet bed, which will help joints, and there’s plenty of space to spread their little legs. The bed is washable, plus it’s so stylish that it will fit in with anybody’s home. I just love it… Look at that soft fluffy fleece your dog will love to lay on.

4. Packable Travel Bed, Plush Orthopedic Sofa

Another stylish and modern dog bed. Looks more like a dog sofa for your bulldogs if you ask me. This is an easily packable dog bed to travel with it. Your bulldog will be very happy snoozing in this cute dog bed.

5.  Orthopedic & Memory Foam Couch Sofa Style Pet Bed

Bulldogs can’t go wrong sleeping in this orthopedic and memory foam sofa-style pet bed. I purchased this for my lake house fits right in for a more rustic or farmhouse feel. It also has a removable cover for easy washing.

6.  Canvas Dog Bed

This is the best canvas dog bed.

If you have a dog that has issues having peeing accidents.

This canvas dog bed also has a water repellent coating perfect for puppies or senior dogs.

The canvas material is one of the most durable fabrics. It will make cleaning up after any accidents simple.

7. Donut Dog Bed

A Cozy dog bed for bulldogs is a must for the ones with high anxiety.

These types of fluffy dog beds help calm your bully and give them a sense of security. It’s also orthopedic, washable, and durable.

8. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

Bulldogs love to rest their heads when sleeping, and this orthopedic dog bed will help them with that. It comes in different sizes… but I tend always to get the largest size to give them that extra room if they want to sleep on their back.

The pet bed comes with a removable, washable cover and has a waterproof lining.

9.  Plush Ergonomic Contour Orthopedic Mattress, Round Snuggery Blanket Burrow Dog Bed

This is one of the best burrow dog bed for bulldogs that have anxiety issues.

Your bulldog will love having a built-in blanket to help make them stay more relaxed… it might just be hard for you to get them out of it when you need to. Lol :)… 

10. Snuggly Sleeper – with Solid Orthopedic Foam

This orthopedic dog bed is going to be extra comfy for your bulldog and they will love putting their heads on the padded rim.

It’s well made and will fit in nicely with any decor.

11. Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed – Waterproof Bolster Beds for Large and Extra Large Dogs – Durable Pet Bed for Big Dogs

This is the bully bed made just for breeds like bulldogs and other strong dogs to give them all the support they need.

It’s a heavy-duty orthopedic memory foam durable bed that is highly rated. Check out its reviews

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Final Thoughts: On Best Dog Beds For Bulldogs

I hope this list of my favorite and best dog beds for bulldogs will help you decide on what is right for your pup to sleep on. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

Until next time,

Have a paw-some day!

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P.S. I would love to hear from you on your choice of dog bed, so leave a comment below…:) If you need help with anything else, feel free to ask (that’s why I do what I do!)

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