3 Things Every Dog Wants you to Know

No matter if you have one dog, or ten dogs or just trying to become a pet parent These three suggestions can help you better understand your dog’s friends and keep them entertained to see more.

1- O’s and X’s

The story of the history of hugging is completely human. As humans, dogs also crave the touch of affection. In contrast to humans, dogs don’t think of a warm hug and an intimate squeeze with affection. In the majority of pets, the thought of a hug may seem like a trap to them. We don’t realize that our dogs might be wondering: Why is this person squeezing me? Ouch! It hurts! Or, how can I escape this?

To ensure that your dog is not in a stressful or uncomfortable situation, avoid hugging and instead provide a gentle scratch on the chin or a gentle pet on the ear, or a belly rub.

Different dogs do not are able to think, feel, or behave like this. If you’ve got one who loves an affectionate hug, then go for it! Be aware that just because your dog loves the hugs you give them doesn’t mean they’d love an embrace from someone else. Dissuading guests or children from touching Fido is the most effective method to ensure that everybody (including Fido) is safe and content.

2- Brain Games

Physical exercise is an important component of a long, healthy life for you as well as your pet. Sometimes, Mother Nature gets against us from enjoying an outdoor adventure. For us, it’s a blessing that exercising your dog’s mind could be just exhausting as working out their body.

The games of find it and treat roulette or teaching your dog how to do something new are great ways to keep their minds and body. Engaging in games of the brain with your dog can reduce stress and is enjoyable for everyone!

Are you not in the mood to play? Puzzle toys and stuffing bones are fantastic methods for keeping your pet active.

3- Fido Says

The fact that your dog may be barking at someone or another dog doesn’t suggest that they’re acting out in a way that could cause harm.

In the world of dogs, it is not the case that all barks are made equally. Much like humans alter tone and volume can dogs also be capable of altering their bark to indicate various things. “Dogs may be able subtly to alter their voice to create a range of sounds that can be different in meaning. Dogs may even alter their voices in ways that may be obvious to other dogs, but not humans”

Because it’s not feasible (yet!) to know the messages our dogs communicate looking at their body language is a fantastic method to learn what they’re feeling and what they’re trying to convey.

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