5 Best Toys to Keep Any Dog Busy

are descendants of wild wolves, in the wild, they search for prey. The domestic
dog still has this instinct, they see toys in the same way wolves see prey.
That is why they pounce on their toys and act like the toys are prey. Also,
some overexcited dogs need to exercise more than less overexcited dogs to get
all the excess energy out. And you might not have as much energy and time to
play or exercise your dog; therefore your dog will need some toy to play with when
you take a nap. 

There are so many different kinds of dog toys that choosing the
right one can be a real challenge. Dogs have different tastes and their toys
are important to enable primitive instincts and encourage exercise. So, in this
article, we will take a look at the 5 best toys that can keep any dog busy.

1. The

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A lot of dog owners like Kong, the classic Kong almost look like a snowman with
three balls stacked together. This toy is made from durable rubber and the
interior is hollowed out so you can include any of Kong treats spreads, or a
special kind of yummies such as dog food, peanut butter, candy, cheese, and
anything you can think of. Your pup has to work hard for his reward. It’s meant
to keep your dog occupied while you are at work or even on rainy days when
outside play and a long walk are not an option. 

It’s also a great toy for bored
dogs. This dog toy will successfully entertain your bored dog if you are
creative with filling it with treats and peanut butter that get your dog’s
attention. The following are the reasons Kong toy is a dog owner’s favorite.

  • It
    is safe
  • It
    helps ease separation anxiety
  • It
    keeps your furry pal distracted for hours
  • It
    provides mental stimulation
  • It
    is easy to clean

2. Nina
Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Puzzles

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is one of the best interactive dog toys that keep your puppy mentally sharp and
physically occupied. Ottosson is a famous dog trainer in Sweden that
specializes in making toys that exercise a dog’s body and mind, helps control
weight reduces behavior problems, fights boredom, and strengthens the
relationship between dog owners and their furry pals. The toy is made of
easy-to-clean and durable plastic; it involves brain scratching challenges as
treats are hidden and the goal is for the dog to uncover them with their nose
and paws. The following are what make this toy dog owner favorite.

  • It
    is fun and mentally stimulating
  • It
    has three stages of difficulty
  • It
    keeps your dogs busy and challenged
  • It
    makes feeding interactive and fun
  • It
    is easy to clean

3. Trixie
Dog Activity Flip Board

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is another great choice for smart dogs who get bored easily. Trixie dog puzzle
will keep your dog entertained while you are at work. It is not suitable for
aggressive chewers. When it comes to entertainment, this dog toy will keep your
dog busy and mentally stimulated. You can hide treats under different parts
each time to make your dog guess and uncover it. The following are what make
this toy one of the favorite choices for dog owners.

  • It
    help relieves dog boredom
  • It
    is easy to fill
  • It
    is more challenging than most dog puzzles
  • It
    provides mental stimulation

4. IQ
Treat Ball

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dog toy is every dog’s favorite. It’s a ball, with lots of chewy edges to chew
away and you can fill it to the brim with treats. All it needs is to move on
its own and your dogs will pass out of excitement. It’s fun, interactive,
extremely durable, and colorful. Its shape and feel alone will keep your dog
interested even after the treats are gone. If you stay alone and work long
hours away from home, this toy will keep your furry pals entertained and active
both mentally and physically. The following are what make this toy dog owner

  • It
    is very entertaining
  • It
    is safe to chew
  • It
    is mentally stimulating
  • It
    is perfect for playing alone

5. Rag
Rope Ball

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is another interactive toy that will keep any dog busy. Rag Rope Ball will keep
your dogs engaged by providing many different rope arms that they can chew on.
This toy is made of strong rope and denim; it keeps dogs busy and also helps
with healthy teeth. You can throw it and also use it like a ball for fetch. The following are what make this toy one of the favorite choices.

  • The shape of this chew toy makes it perfect for games of fetch
  • It
    is made of durable denim and braided rope material that last long
  • Perfect
    for an interactive and individual play that keeps your dogs entertain and make
    them happy.
  • It
    provides satisfaction and interaction to dogs of all ages and sizes
  • The
    ropes work to scrape away plaque and promote good dental health while the ball
    keeps your puppy focused and entertained


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