5 Indoor Dog Games To Help Your Pup Run Off His Energy


Indoor Dog Games To Help Your Pup Run Off His Energy

1. Tug of war

Not only is playing tug a great source of exercise, but this game also helps reinforce the bond between you and your pet, according to The Spruce. Ropes like this one are durable, so they’ll last for many games and satisfy even the most aggressive chewers.
2. Agility Course

Building an indoor agility course for your dog can be quick and simple. Animal Wellness Magazine has ideas for how to set up tunnels, hurdles, and more using only household objects.

3.Treasure Hunt

The AKC notes that dogs have 45 times more scent receptors than humans, which means games that take advantage of their sense of smell will be particularly engaging. One idea is to hide treats under objects like boxes or containers, and give lots of praise when your pup uncovers each one.


4.Bubbletastic Dog Bubbles

Dogs loves bubbles and will get plenty of exercise chasing them around. Better yet, these bubbles are bacon-scented to ensure your pup will be extra motivated to catch them!

5. Treat balls

Pet Zone’s interactive treat ball will keep your dog active as they learn how to roll the toy to get treats out. The ball is built to prolong play without giving too many treats, and you can also adjust the difficulty level for more advanced pups.

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