6 Things Your Dog Actually Wants from You

It is well-known that canines like to play, get fed, be petted, and even sleep on the beach. But, they have specific habits and preferences that we humans don’t have a clue about. These preferences are particular to dogs.

There are many things that dogs can do to keep themselves entertained and enjoy doing. It’s all an issue of instinct as well as nature and social preferences. If you’ve got an animal at home and would like to know more about the world of dogs, check out this brand new Animal Wised article where we give you 10 things that dogs like. You probably didn’t have any idea about them before this point!

1- Collecting trophies

Pets are fascinated by personal belongings that aren’t theirs, particularly if they are located on your property. For them, they are objects of honor because they are an integral part of your (their most loved person) and are a sign of your scent. In addition to collecting them, they often transport them to different rooms to place them beneath cushions, or even in the laundry. They also exhibit this behavior to do whatever it takes to grab your attention even if it means acting “badly”. They keep your things hidden because they love having conversations with them. This also prevents them from becoming bored because it provides them with an activity to keep them busy like they were on a quest.

2- Consuming food by yourself

Many dog owners believe that their dog loves to consume food while being watched or view food as a social occasion. Though some dogs consume food when their owners are eating however for dogs eating itself is a private moment. For a dog who is domesticated, it is your turn to be the top dog in the pack which is why your dog will be more relaxed eating in a space where they are certain that the dominant male isn’t going to steal their food, it’s the same for any food or snack. Don’t be shocked if your pet takes the food you offer to another area. You’ll see that it’s a part of the nature of dogs.

3- Always by your by your

You can consider your dog a part of yourself, in the same manner, they are part of them. Being near to you is among the most popular behaviors and therefore is a thing dogs love to do. They are telling anyone who comes near “move to me, this human belongs to me!” They do this to minimize the distance they can in between you and to disperse the smell.

This is a social-emotional-biological habit. Certain experts believe that this is a sign of security for your dog. They’re acting to protect against intruders as you offer a blanket of security, trust, and peace to them.

4- Television watching

When they go out most people will leave the TV on to watch the dog when they leave. While dogs can’t see like humans, they enjoy bright colors, light, and sounds. They can use it as an exercise in mental stimulation, and it can be one thing that dogs enjoy. Some experts believe that dogs love watching television because it can help them unwind and combat boredom. But, the same animal experts stress that television is not an alternative to affection, attention from humans, and physical exercise.

5- Making the bed

Dogs are affluent just like humans and create their own space to be as comfortable and peaceful as possible. To accomplish this, the most effective method is to stroll around a few times, just like they are creating their own personal nest. This way the dogs can spread their scent across the area and make it obvious that this is their area of residence. Additionally, dogs prepare the surface and the temperature of the area.

6- Swimming

Have you ever witnessed dogs swim? It’s a picture of excitement because they look like they’re enjoying the sport greatly. Swimming is an activity the majority of dogs enjoy like no other. Additionally, they are able to do it much more efficiently than the majority of people. For the majority of dogs, can be a wonderful alternative to walking at any time of the day.

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