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There are some basic dog training questions that people might have when looking to train their dog. Once you decide to keep a dog and get one, the next step is to train it to make it obedient and submissive to all your commands. Now, people may get confused about how to start training a dog and therefore look for different help and solutions. Read through to see, if at some point in time you also had these questions in mind and were looking for help. So, let’s get started with the questions.

What Are the Basic Dog Commands?

When thinking about dog commands, first think what are the basic things that you need to tell your dog to do in everyday life. This will give you a better idea. You will need to call your dog when required, stop him from doing something wrong, and making it stay at a certain point, etc. So, these are things that you need to convey to your dog in everyday life. Moreover, the following are some basic commands.

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Wait
  • No

Which Dog Training Method Is Best?

This question can be asked in two ways like the dog training technique and the dog training methods. For methods, you can train your dog in more than one way and if a method you choose is working for you, then that’s great and stick to it. Whether you hire a trainer or you train yourself, all methods work if done correctly. Some people can not afford to hire a professional dog trainer and therefore, they train it themselves. If you are interested in an online dog training program then you can check Brain Training for Dogs.

Can You Train Your Dog at Home?

A short answer is, Yes! Once you get a new dog, you can start your training at home after learning new training techniques and methods. There are many dog training resources available and you can take help from them in order to kick start your dog training. For online help, you can also follow dog blogs here is the list of Top 200 Dog Blogs.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

It depends on multiple factors. Like, which dog training method you choose, how professional the training or the trainer is that you opted for, etc. Some dog trainers charge a lot while you can also find some that charge you moderate. Furthermore, some people also prefer staying at home and training the dog with the help of online or offline training resources.

What Should I Teach My Dog First?

You can start the training by teaching some basic commands or something else that is important that you want to teach your dog first. You can also take help from a trainer and discuss the training methodology.


These were some basic dog training questions that people and you also might have in your mind when thinking about training your dog. If you have any other questions or queries, you can mention it below in the comments section. Lastly, only choose force-free methods to train your dog. Don’t treat your dog in a bad or harsh manner.

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