Dog Christmas Card Ideas (That Are Worth Trying)

In this post, I will share my top DIY dog Christmas card ideas and ways you can display your Christmas dog photos.

As dog lovers, we all what to include our dogs in our holiday cards, right?


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Cute Dog Christmas Card Ideas

There’s no need to go out and get these done by a professional photographer when we have so many options nowadays to take great photos on our own and have them printed out.

Each year I use the company
Confetti Howlidays Holiday Photo Cards

But first, before we talk about the holiday card ideas.

We need to think about how to keep your dog’s attention so these card ideas can work.

The last thing we want is to be stressed trying to get a good photo – you can only imagine how that would go. (not good, right?)

So here are a few tips:


Ok, so the key to keeping your dogs attention is going to take lots of patience (and I mean lots of patience). I know that’s going to be hard because, let’s face it, nowadays, most of us are lacking patience. (lol)

But to get that beautiful holiday photo of the dog and family, you know we are going to have to give it a shot.

Here are some suggestions to help keep your pet motivated for a little while so you will have enough time to get that awesome Christmas picture of your dog that you want.

  • First, you need to get your dog tired out. Either taking your dog on a long walk or playing fetch in the yard will do the trick. Exercise is the most effective way to keep your dog’s attention during the photo session because of that exercise; they would have released that anxious energy they had and be a little calmer and stiller.
  • Next, have lots of treats and not the basic ones you usually give them. They need something delicious (I’m not saying they don’t already get tasty treats we need something drool-worthy to make it extra tasty, if you know what I mean) also, remember to keep it healthy – you can use string cheese, peanut butter or you can bake your own homemade treats ahead of time.

Have you ever heard of knead love bakeshop? It’s so easy to make great healthy treats for your dogs at home with their cookie mix. My dogs go crazy when I make them – so be sure to check out the Knead Love Bakeshop website.

And, lastly, again, remember to have that patience we talked about. Your photos don’t have to be perfect.

I actually love to see pictures that are in a more natural state (real everyday life) than the fake setup ones you see on Instagram sometimes.

Ok, so now that we have that covered. Let’s get into the ideas for Christmas cards with your dog:

But First:

Here is another example card of just your dog titled: A Naughty Dog Christmas. So adorable if you are just having a shoot with your pup alone.

Naughty Dog Holiday Photo Cards


Here are some ideas for your Christmas photoshoot and must-have items to use to make it perfect.

Most importantly, for all these ideas, make sure you have someone around who isn’t going to be in the photos with you to snap the photos. Tell them you will return the favor if you have to. lol…

dog with family outdoors walking
Family walking dog outdoors in beautiful winter for Christmas card idea

1. A Family Christmas Photo with Your Dog

An outdoor spot is a perfect option for that.

Have everyone’s clothing be similar in color, or if not, have matching scarves to make it fun, and remember to have one for your dog.

You can take your whole family to a local tree farm and include all those beautiful Christmas trees as the background.

Another one of my favorite ways of capturing a family photo with your dog involved is just to head to a local hiking trail and take a walk. Remember, as I mentioned above, to have a friend tag along to take a photo of you and your family just taking a casual walk with your dog.

That will make such a great memory to capture that moment in a picture. Being altogether is what it’s all about, don’t you agree?

Must-have items mentioned for the photoshoot:

dog christmas card ideas for your next holiday card of you and your loved one with the dog.

2. A Couple and Dog Christmas Photo

If you’re looking to take a picture of your dog with just you and your significant other.  

Then think about a cozy setting for your photoshoot. 

Picture this:

You both are sitting on a fluffy white rug, a fireplace in the background, a warm plaid blanket wrapped around you both, and the dog lying near your side (now how cozy would that be).

Or maybe you can head to the nearest beach for a walk with the dog. 

Another setting would be to go to a local waterfront -where you can lay a picnic blanket down, have some cheese and crackers, and make a toast with wine glasses (Don’t forget the wine, of course :)) while your dog is near you both trying to sneak some of the food. Now that would be a funny picture everyone would love. 

The water makes an excellent background for your photos for any holiday picture, not just Christmas.

Must-have items mentioned for the photoshoot:


baby and dog christmas card ideas
babies and dogs

3. Baby and Dog Christmas Photo

How adorable would your Christmas card be with your baby and dog? It’s such a great way to savor those memories of them growing up together by taking Christmas photos every year. And it’s perfect for sharing with friends and family.

One of my favorite ways to showcase this is to have the baby and dog lying on the bed together, dress them in similar pj’s if possible, or at least have them in the same colors.

Also, an action shot of them – with the baby sharing some snacks with the dog ( depending on how old the baby is, of course) wearing matching bows or bowties and spreading some big-sized ornaments (Plastic, of course) around them for added detail and color.

The more natural the picture is, the better it is, in my opinion. Family members will be so thrilled to see how your baby and dog react together in this holiday photo card.

      Must-have items mentioned for the photoshoot:


I hope you will find these DIY dog Christmas card ideas easy for you to create. 

Holidays are stressful enough so let’s not overthink it when it comes to your Christmas cards. In the end, we want to share our memories with the ones we love. Right? 

Now that we have our Christmas photos let’s display them on a beautiful card to send out for all to see.

As I mentioned earlier in this post. Minted is terrific to use for your pet Christmas cards. They have a lot of great card designs to make your cards gorgeous, and the prices are very reasonable.

I have used many different companies over the years but loved what Minted has to offer. 

Not only do they have holiday cards, but why not take that photo you took and turn it into a gift for yourself or a family member – they have endless possibilities. A picture is a perfect gift – it’s such a great way to preserve your memories – because we all know how fast time goes, and before you know it, our children and dogs will be all grown up. 

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Happy Holidays…

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