Groomed for Success: Top 5 Grooming Tools and Tips

Trimming, bathing, and brushing your dog’s hair can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be! Take a look at these products, tools, and tricks to make grooming easy.

1- Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo as well as Conditioning Rinse

The first step towards an enjoyable grooming session is having a clean dog. Dry, clean dogs are easier to groom and groom. If you’ve got a short-haired pet that doesn’t require washing, a bath might be the first and final stage of a spa day, so ensure it’s a good one!

Zymox shampoo, conditioner, and rinse are specifically formulated to treat dogs (or cats) who have skin that is dry and itchy which means it’s moisturizing, gentle, and suitable for dogs of all types of coats. Zymox has a wonderful scent. fantastic and the shampoo is lathered and full of suds, so it can get into every stinky, muddy corner.

It can also be used as a conditioning rinse and rinsed away. Zymox does not contain harmful detergents, steroids, or petroleum-based products, and offers relief from inflammation that is natural.

Bath Tip: Regardless of the shampoo you choose ensure that you wash your dog thoroughly. If shampoo remains on your dog, it may result in irritated areas of skin as well as hot spots.

Hot spots are a result of inflammation of the skin which can be itchy and painful for your pet. To prevent hot spots, make sure to double and triple-wash your pet after shampooing.

2- K9 Bath Buddy

If your dog isn’t naturally a fan of bathing, make your life easier by using the K9 bathing companion! The product is a mat made of silicone with suction cups on its backside.

The suction cup is attached to your bathtub or shower wall, and the mat is ideal to spread a bit of peanut butter onto to keep your pet entertained while bathing.

Health Tip: Be sure to check the ingredients in your peanut butter prior to giving it to your pet. If the peanut butter you purchase has Xylitol (a widely used sweetener) it could be dangerous for your pet. Instead, choose organic, unaltered peanut butter, such as the one below by Teddie Brand.

3- Andis Gentle Dry Blow Dryer

Sometimes, a bathing towel doesn’t suffice to keep our furry companions dried after their bath. If you’re trying to finish your grooming and you don’t have time to wait all day to get your pet to dry off after bathing the air dryer can be safe as well as efficient.

Andis is a name that is known for its trusted tools for grooming your pet. The 600-watt (low power) dryer comes with two airflow and temperature settings as well as being sturdy and small. Its low wattage will keep the volume down, so you don’t overstimulate your pet and harm their ears when drying them.

Hair Tips: This dryer is equally well for human hair! Its low cost is ideal to dry your pet’s hair and also your hair.

4- Hair Strip

Hair from shed dogs is left behind everywhere they move. Avoid the hassle of continuous cleaning and lint rolling, and utilize strip hair! This amazing product is awe-inspiring in removing dust, hair, and grime from the coat of your pet (or horse or cat!) This simple one-step device does not cause damage to your pet’s coat.

It helps even out the distribution of natural oils. the massage motion that comes with Strip Hair strips will help to calm your dog’s anxiety and allow them to relax during the grooming process.

The product is able to get rid of pet hair from clothes and furniture. In the end, the strip hair product is an amazing product to remove excessive pet hair in an effective secure, and safe manner.

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