How Big Of A Dog Can An Owl Pick Up?

While it’s true that owls are able to pick up small animals, you may think they can’t hold on to them like a dog. We’re to tell you that you’re wrong there. There are plenty of videos on the internet of owls lifting small dogs up in the air. If you have a small dog or are a pet owner it must make you worry! And you may wonder how big of a dog can an owl pick up?

Great Horned Owls are capable of carrying up to 8 – 9lbs of their own body weight.  So, if make an estimate any pet, animal, or dog that is around 15lbs or below is prone to an Owl’s attack.

Moreover, owls are usually not interested in larger animals, and they do not pose a direct threat to your pet dogs. But being precautious is necessary as you would not want your furry friends to be even injured in such an unfortunate incident.

Anyhow you can learn more fascinating things about them by continuing to read this article, for example, the ability of owls to rotate their head straight to 270 degrees. 

This article will help you get to know more about such interesting facts. So, keep on reading!

How big of a dog can an owl pick up?

Owls are large birds, but they’re also incredibly intelligent. This intelligence is what allows them to be so successful in the sky. They can fly, after all, and they can see in the dark as well. But the question to be of concern in this article is How big of a dog can an owl pick up?

Generally, your dogs are safe from an owl’s attack, considering they are not too small like pugs. And another thing is that owls usually do not seem to be interested in larger animals but the safety of your little pets is important, as you would not like them to be even hurt by any such unfortunate incident.

Moreover, some abilities of the owls would amaze you, like their good sight which allows them to follow their prey and hunt in complete darkness. They can revolve their neck up to a 270 degrees angle, which again helps them locate their prey around in different directions while sitting in one place.

Their ability of hearing is also fascinating. This is especially helpful in the dark since it can be hard to tell what is happening beneath the surface of the earth. When a predator is nearby, the owl can still help itself out, by listening to its movements. 

Do all owl families attack dogs?

You cannot expect every owl to be attacking your dog although some owls have been recorded to attack dogs and humans. It is important to know the warning signs so you can avoid a similar situation from happening again.

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How much weight Owl can carry?

The answer to this question cannot be summed up in one line or two. The weight capacity of an owl depends on different factors like its own size, its own type, etc.

For example, an ill-conditioned or overgrown owl could potentially become overloaded and fall to the ground. A small or sickly owl could also be unable to hold its prey as it would be too heavy.

So while most owls are harmless, it’s always a good idea to be alert to any that you may come across. Even if they are only eating insects, they could still be dangerous.

As with any wild animal, it’s important to know the risk it poses and be patient and understanding with it. If you see an owl near your home or business, don’t fear it, but try to remain aware of your surroundings at all times.

Some creatures are more vulnerable to attack than others. When owls are looking for prey, they can attack anything. It’s not obvious that they would attack your dog, they can attack on any smaller pet or animal around you. It can be a rabbit, rat or snake. 

Owls are opportunistic predators that eat just about anything from flesh to bones to form a meal. Although dogs are not the only ones at risk from owl attacks. The owl can be a dangerous predator for any dog who comes into contact with it.

Can we keep an owl as a pet?

It is also not advisable to keep an owl as a pet. They could cause problems if they were to get into a household or pair with other animal pets.

Which Owl can pick up dogs?

There are several different types of owls, each with its own distinct characteristics and appearance. So, it would not be an easy task to answer this question.

You may have heard that some owls can be capable of killing an animal 10 times more than them! Well, this may not be completely true, but it can partly be true for the Great Horned Owl.

They can dare to attack or kill an animal weighing more than them. These are predatory birds, and they are well known for their hunting skills. And as you may have watched the video on the internet owl carrying a pet dog in its paws. Owls like the Great gray and the Eurasian scops may pose a threat to your small pets.

So, we can’t give you a certain answer to the question, of which owl species can pick up the heaviest dogs, but we have mentioned the type of owls that can dare to do so.

Can owls also hurt people?

They do attack people, you can find a large list of such attacks on the internet. They can cause severe injuries. If you are in an area where they are in abundance you should be careful.

How to protect my dog from Owl attack?

Another good way to avoid an encounter with an owl is to keep your dog on a leash when outside. Even if it means that your dog has to stay inside with you, it will give your dog a better chance to avoid a possible encounter with an owl.

You can purchase an affordable fence that you can easily install around your yard. This will prevent them from entering your home and potentially harming your family.

If your dog is frequently outside during the day be sure to monitor them. Be sure to keep your dog close to your side, so, they can avoid any dangerous situation:

  1. Stay away from any owl roosts, tree stands, or nesting areas.
  2. Don’t let your pets run around your yard with no fence. Keep them on a leash and make sure to put up a fence if your pets are accustomed to living outdoors.
  3. Another tip is to buy your pet a collar with an owl screech, you can find these in the market. The owls can thus be kept away from harming your pet.
  4. While most owls are nocturnal, they frequently come out during the day to hunt.  If you see owls near your home or your dog is outside, make sure they have plenty of safe, secure cover to retreat to at all times.
  5. If the owl attacks your dog, make sure to get help as soon as possible. You can make noises to repel the owl.

What if I see an owl attacking my dogs?

Do not approach the owl as it is likely to attack. You can try to scare it off with a stick or other object. Additionally, make a loud noise.


Now you know how big of a dog can an owl pick up? Considering the fact that an owl is capable of lifting an object that is 3 to 9lbs in weight, a puppy or dog that is 15 pounds or below is most vulnerable to attacks by an owl. Additionally, some interesting facts about an owl’s behavior and way of attacking have been discussed above in detail.

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