How to train an aggressive dog with a shock collar?

Shock collars are effective for training dogs who show aggression. This type of training is less about punishing the dog and more about correcting their behavior when they stray off course.

When using a shock collar, you’ll be correcting the dog for their behavior, not scaring the crap out of them. The shock will be administered when the dog is too pushy, anxious, or aggressive.

If you own a dog who is aggressive and stubborn then this article on how to train an aggressive dog with a shock collar is for you.

Many people feel helpless in the face of a dog’s out-of-control behavior.

While it is important to understand why your dog is acting the way he is, it is even more critical to understand the cause of this behavior and correct it.

Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to correct their dogs for out-of-control behavior because they are afraid to confront the dog. At that time it becomes negligible to use a shock collar.

He may become aggressive toward other dogs, villagers, or even people. You may also experience anxiety and stress if you’re constantly worrying about your dog’s safety when out in public.

This is a sign that you need to keep your dog indoors with you whenever possible.

Although not allowing your dog out on a regular basis can also cause other problems like making them intolerant to other people and dogs.

Training carried out through shock collars demands you to have a good understanding of its use and techniques.

Once you have mastered all of these tips, you can start applying the shock by using the collar.

Most shock collars come with a mode that allows you to adjust the intensity of the shock, according to your dog’s behavior.

This is very important for proper training, as an unwise shock can cause permanent damage. 

You will not find the task of “training an aggressive dog” to be very complicated or difficult but you need to pay heed to the process and take appropriate measures. We’ll help you bring out the process, check the steps below:

Remember that in order to enable the training of the aggressive dog collar, you should never punish the dog for the “wrong” behavior.

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Always praise the dog for the “right” behavior and praise him often.

If you happen to have a dog who is prone to being aggressive, always work on non-aggressive skills first.

Always reward good behavior with positive reinforcement, not with punishment.

We will also share with you the best shock collar training tips that you can use with your dog.

We will start with the most basic part of the training process and then move forward.

There are a few important steps below to follow while training an aggressive dog with a shock collar:

Learn how the shock collar works:

Understanding how the shock collar works and what it is capable of will help you choose the right collar for your dog and prevent unnecessary shock collar use.

You also need to be aware of the limits of the shock collar. If you are using a shock collar for training purposes, be sure to select the right level of intensity.

In choosing an intensity level for your dog’s training shock collar, consider the level of stress your dog is under

This will give you an idea of how effective the shock collar is at reducing your dog’s behavior. You can also get a feel for the shock collar by putting it on your arm.

So, you know the different stimulation levels. It will help you decide the right setting for your dog.

You need to give the dog proper training:

You need to give the dog proper training before you give the shock collar. Once the shock collar is in the dog’s possession, you can start to provide the boundary training. When training a dog to use the long leash, start by letting the dog walk away from the stimulus and finish the walk without any distraction. 

While you are in charge, you may feel tempted at times to punish the dog for not obeying you, never do that. Never use the shock collar for punishing your dog. The vibration mode can be used to correct a dog when he’s about to do something he shouldn’t.

How to Train an Aggressive Dog with a Shock Collar?

Reward your dog for following the commands:

You can’t just give your dog the command “come” and expect it to obey. It is very important to reward your dog for following the commands and offer it the desired action whenever it fails to follow instructions. Keep following the boundaries you’ve set.

You can also give your dog some basic obedience training like sit, down, stay, and go. These commands will prevent your dog from doing many things like jumping up on people, running towards the door, or pulling on the lead.

Finally, you can use the low-level shock to punish your dog when it’s lazy or unresponsive. It is important that you recognize your dog’s good behavior and use positive reinforcement to enforce it.

You will not want to use a shock collar on a dog that has been aggressive but you need to drop this idea if you don’t want things to get worsen.

How to Train an Aggressive Dog with a Shock Collar?

Treat aggression of a dog with the vibration mode:

Yes, you can also treat the aggression of a dog with the vibration mode on the shock collar. This works best on dogs that are already aggressive toward people or other dogs. You will know that they are aggressive or about to be aggressive if their body language or vocalization changes. 

First, place the shock collar on your dog’s neck, and then adjust the settings so it vibrates gently, but actively. If your dog barks at every dog he sees, you can use this function to help them change their behavior.

How to Train an Aggressive Dog with a Shock Collar?

You need to stick to your training plan:

The rule of dog training is consistency. This means that you need to stick to your training plan every time you use a shock collar. If a technique is not working switch to the other. 

You need to know that a dog who behaves aggressively is not so normal, and you need to know how to train your dog to be more normal. One way is to increase the number of commands you give it. The more aggressive the dog, the more commands you need to give it; sit, come, stay, etc.

These are all great ways to help your dog feel more comfortable around people and other dogs. While these commands can be used with any dog, they’re more useful for dogs that are being really aggressive or just plain mean.

Don’t forget that providing treats will also help settle the dog down and reduce his arousal level.

How to Train an Aggressive Dog with a Shock Collar?

Positively approach the dog with a friendly expression:

The best way to train an aggressive dog is with a positive approach. Positively approach the dog with a friendly and exciting expression. Do not feel lazy or reluctant to try different and new tactics to help your dog avoid unpleasant behavior.

If your dog barks a lot or tries to bite others using the mid-level shock collar is the best option. This is a lower level of electric current and is also a lot gentler on your dog’s sensitive skin. You will get the most out of your dog if you use it in moderation. This is one of the best ways to train your dog. 

It may take a few tries to get the behavior you want, but sooner or later you will succeed. There are several ways you can adopt to calm an aggressive dog.

It will take a lot of effort and time but once you have trained your dog you’ll see it all worth it. By giving the dog a positive command and a treat when he stops his behavior, you can train the dog to be patient and quiet. 

How to Train an Aggressive Dog with a Shock Collar?

Shock collars are ideal for this type of training. This is a much more intense level of stimulation than you can achieve with a clicker, but it is far less intense than a wide range of punishments, including physical punishment. Furthermore, shock collars are very easy to use. Be consistent, patient, and hopeful.

Is it true that dogs are aggressive?

The reason for a dog’s aggression can be many they can ranging from mental and physical to emotional ones. Some of the most common reasons why dogs get aggressive are:

  1. People and dogs around him are making him feel threatened or defenseless. If your dog is aggressive toward other dogs, he is also likely to be aggressive toward humans.
  2.  If your dog is constantly on edge and in pain, he is more likely to act aggressively.
  3. If the dog is in an environment where it is often changed, this also triggers the dog’s anxiety and fear.
  4. Your dog may become more hyperactive when they’re outside the home. This is a good indicator that your dog may be feeling anxiety or stress from being around new people.
  5. Tight collars or leashes may increase his chances of aggression.
  6. When your dog is experiencing frustration from a lack of something, he will tend to display aggressive behavior as a way to deal with his anxiety.
  7. Dogs who are sick can become aggressive toward other animals, people, and other dogs.

Understanding why your dog behaves in a certain way will help you change his or her behavior.

Is a shock collar useful for an aggressive dog?

A shock collar is a training tool that uses a small electric current to shock the dog when it misbehaves. This is very helpful to keep the dog in line and prevent accidents. However, it is very important to use the right electric shock collar for the right reasons. When used appropriately shock collar is the best tool to train an aggressive dog.

Pros of using shock collar for aggressive dog:

  1. You don’t need to physically handle the dog while training them.
  2. You will find it more convenient than giving verbal commands.
  3. providing instant feedback can help you make the right choice and encourage your dog to do the right thing frequently.
  4. They are affordable and don’t cost you much.
  5. The best idea is to train and deal with aggressive dogs.

Cons of using shock collar for aggressive dog:

  1. May turn the dog to be extra submissive
  2. The approach doesn’t include positive reinforcement (although you should include it).
  3. You can’t use it all the time.

Is it true that shock collars are harmful?

Some shock collars are designed to deliver moderate to high levels of shock and vibrations hence equipped with multi-functionality. Ensure that the shock collar is properly adjusted to give a gentle jolt, but not so much that it causes pain.

If you don’t handle it appropriately you can make the process painful. It is important to understand how the shock collar works before using it. If you know how to use it effectively they are a great way to train aggressive dogs.

In order to use the shock collar effectively, you need to know the right way to use it and how to react to any unexpected situations that might occur. You can prevent the shock collar from hurting your dog by making sure that you’re applying it correctly.

The shock collar is a simple, yet very effective way of controlling your dog. It works by giving you instant feedback on its intensity, and it also sends out a signal when it is about to be applied.

This is one of the most important things you need to be well-informed about. You can’t just pick up your dog and give him a shock collar because he has done something wrong. You have to use the shock collar in a controlled and safe way. So, if you know how to use the shock collar properly, we highly recommend it.

The shock collar can be left on the dog for a maximum of 12 hours of period. When you exceed the time limit you may cause physical injury to your dog, the treatment hence would not remain humane anymore. So, this training is not only effective but also safe when brought out by a well aware person.

Do shock collars stop the dog’s growling?

The shock collar can be used to “shock” your dog when he barks or growls excessively. The shock collar works by sending a small electric current along the dog’s neck. The dog’s body shows that he is in danger and the shock collar stops the bark in its tracks.


For the best results, you must use the right type of shock collar and adjust the level of shock to your dog’s weight, breed, and activity level. It’s important that you know how to deliver a shock with the right amount of pressure. If you have a dog with aggression issues, a shock collar may be a good option to try out. 

We made sure to give you a piece of thorough knowledge of your dog’s aggressive behavior, its reasons, its treatment with a shock collar as well as the alternatives. With consistency and patience, you’ll help your dog give up on its inappropriate habits.

Did you find it helpful? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, you can share it with your friends and family.

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