New Help For Dogs Scared During Veterinary Exams

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When great things happen, it’s pure joy announcing them to pet owners across the world! Fear Free Pets, whose mission is to take “pet” out of petrified, has launched a new program that will teach dogs (and other pets) to enjoy veterinary visits. Drum roll, please! They’ve launched a Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program for qualified dog trainers, which is a huge step in the right direction for everyone.

Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program

Yes, there are now expert dog trainers who can complete an intense program to learn how to help dogs (and puppies) stress less when visiting the vet’s office. To qualify for this course, dog training experts must earn a national dog training certification first and pass a very difficult entrance exam before enrolling into the program.

Once accepted, dog trainers must complete six lengthy modules and pass assessments along the way. Each module builds upon itself and focuses on reducing stress before, during and after veterinary exams. Once dog trainers complete this course, they become qualified to partner with veterinary clinics to implement fear free practices and offer group courses (or one-on-one training) to teach dogs and puppies that veterinary clinics are fun.

How This Program Helps Your Dog

Before, there were limited resources and loose standards for dog trainers offering stress-free vet visits, leading to questionable results. As a dog trainer, this is why I’m so excited about this massive breakthrough! Dogs (and cats) hate visiting the vet’s office, and pet owners have learned to strongly dislike bringing their stressed pet to see a vet too.

Certified Fear Free Animal Trainers teach puppies to enjoy every aspect of vet visits and exams, and can certainly reduce stress for dogs that already dislike visiting the vet’s office as well. As a professional dog trainer completing this certification program, I find it to be very thorough. It also provides scientific research showing stress is certainly damaging to pets. If your dog hates going to the vet, demand a fear free certified veterinary clinic and partner with a certified fear free animal trainer. Additionally, these folks will ensure your dog learns that vet offices are fun! Find a qualified fear free veterinary clinic and animal trainer here.

Be your dog’s advocate. Choose fear free vet clinics and training!

Why Pet Owners Should Choose Fear Free For Pets

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