Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed Traits, Temperament & Info

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed

Stats Pitbull Bloodhound Mix
Height 25-27 inches
Weight 55-90 pounds
Life Span 10 to 14 years
Good With Kids, Seniors, Families
Temperament Friendly, Outgoing, Playful, Trainable
Shedding Amount Medium
Energy Level Active
Coat Type Smooth and Short
Colors Black, Brown, White, Tan
Dog-Friendly Yes
Kid-Friendly Yes

Hybrid dog breeds have a unique charm and status of their own, and that’s why most pet owners prefer owning a mixed dog breed for themselves. Every mixed breed has distinct personalities and traits, be it a Poodle, Chihuahua, Labra, or Bulldog.

Today, we will talk about one of the rare hybrid dog breeds, i.e., the Pitbull Bloodhound Mix. From the name itself, you can comprehend that this breed will be strong, energetic, and brave, and we second you on that thought. The Pitbull Bloodhound Mix dog inherits their traits from their parents, who are strong and athletic in their personality.

So, without any further ado, let’s learn what happens when a Bloodhound gets mixed with a Pitbull. And, if you’re thinking of getting the same breed for yourself, this article will answer most of your queries.

What Is A Pitbull Bloodhound Mix?

A Pitbull Bloodhound Mix is a rare hybrid dog breed that is obtained by the crossbreeding of a Bloodhound and a Pitbull. Due to its unique body structure and traits, it has gained popularity in the whole United States. As the availability of this hybrid is relatively low due, its demand has increased over the past few years. 

This breed inherits all its traits from its parents. So, one can expect them to be brave like a Pitbull and strong like a Bloodhound. The best part about this breed is its affection and loyalty towards its owners. They’re fantastic trainable dogs and love learning new things. 

One thing to understand is that being friendly doesn’t mean they won’t bark or show aggressive behavior toward strangers. You can expect them to show eye to eye with their opponents as they’re highly energetic dogs. 

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed infographic
Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed Infographic

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed Appearance

Like every other hybrid dog, Pitbull Bloodhound mix dogs inherit their traits from their parents. Their size, height, weight, and appearance depend upon their parents’ genetic genes. These dogs are athletic and have a strong body, just like their parents. 

Coat: Both Pitbull and Bloodhound have a smoother coat with a shorter coat length; hence, it’s easy to comprehend that the Pitbull Bloodhound mix dog will have a similar coat structure. 

Color: Pitbulls are Black, Brown, White, etc., while the Bloodhound dogs are primarily Black and Tan. The Pitbull Bloodhound mixes obtain their color similar to their parent breeds.

Size: Pitbulls are medium-sized dog breeds with an average size of 18-19 inches, while Bloodhound dogs are a little big with an average body size of 25-27 inches. You can expect this hybrid dog to be somewhere between 20-24 inches which totally depends on their parents’ health.

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Temperament

The temperament of the Pitbull Bloodhound Mix dog breed will be dependent on their parents’ personalities. If the hybrid dog has a majority of its traits from the Pitbull dog, expect them to be a brave, courageous, and intelligent dog breed. On the other hand, if they have inherited most of their traits from the Bloodhound, expect them to be a bit lazier and friendly.

Overall, one can expect the temperament of the Pitbull Bloodhound mix would be affection, friendly, smart, brave, and obedient. Not to forget, this dog breed requires active training and exercise to maintain a perfect lifestyle for themselves. 

However, you might see them getting aggressive or exhibiting destructive behavior when left alone in a place. They might start barking, throwing, and scratching things, as they don’t prefer to be left alone. On the brighter side, they love the presence of people near them, so you can expect them to be a great companion dog breed for you.

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Personality

Both Pitbulls and Bloodhounds are very affectionate toward their family. Both the breeds go good with young children as well as seniors. Pitbulls are brave, intelligent, and smart, while the Bloodhounds are a bit lazier but love adventures. 

While its hard to predict the exact personality of a Pitbull Bloodhound mix hybrid dog, we can assume that they will retain most of their traits from the Pitbull dog. 

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Living Needs

The Pitbull Bloodhound Mix dog requires active training, exercise, and walking to live a healthy lifestyle. They don’t do well when they’re left alone at home and might also start barking when not seeing anywhere around.

This breed requires high-calorie and protein-rich meals to sustain its active lifestyle. In some cases, it has been observed that this breed became overweight because of heavy eating. So, you have to measure and control their food properly.

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Training

Both Pitbull and Bloodhounds are great trainable dog breeds, and the Pitbull Bloodhound mix dogs attain the same traits. If you’re getting a puppy of this hybrid dog, then it’s very critical to start their training early. Early training will help them become more social, intelligent, brave, and obedient dog. 

The best part about this dog breed is that it won’t take years to get trained. You can teach them advanced training strategies by using positive reinforcement techniques. You can always take help from the dog training consultants or shelters to help train your dog if you don’t have much experience. 

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Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of a dog’s lifestyle as it prevents them from parasites attack, dry skin, illness, etc. Pitbull Bloodhound Mix dog breed has a softer coat which makes their grooming relatively easy compared to other dog breeds. 

When choosing a brush for grooming your dog’s coat, look out for brushes that have soft and slicker bristles. Stiff bristle brushes make the grooming process uncomfortable for the dogs, and they don’t prefer it. 

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Health

Hybrid dogs come with several health issues as they’re not natural breeds. If one of their parents suffers from any chronic diseases, there is a higher possibility that the hybrid dog will also carry that same disease. These diseases are often known as genetically transferred diseases, and no one can do anything about them.

The best way to eliminate chronic diseases from your hybrid pet is to ensure their monthly veterinarian checkups. The vet will thoroughly examine your dog’s health and will create an active checkup schedule for your pet. 

Some of the common diseases that the Pitbull Bloodhound Mix may carry:

  • Thyroid Disease
  • Knee Problems
  • Skin Infections
  • Skin Allergies
  • Breathing Issues
  • Ear Infections

Pitbull Bloodhound Mix Dog Breed Price

Generally, Bloodhound mix with Pitbull dog breed comes with a higher price as it’s not a common dog breed. Its price mainly depends on its health, size, gender, breeder, and selling place. The average price range of Pitbull Bloodhound mix dog breed can start from $400 and can go as high as $3000. Again, the more reputable the breeder will be, the more they will charge for this unique dog breed.

Getting A Pitbull Bloodhound Mix

Getting a rare hybrid dog for yourself seems like checking a bucket list item, but one should note that hybrid dogs come with many challenges. The most common challenge is their health and lifestyle issues. Due to frequent vet checkups, expect their living expenses will be high enough compared to the regular dog breeds.

Moreover, you cannot define the exact characteristics and temperament of hybrid dogs, which often creates trouble. If you’re a first-time pet owner or have little experience in owning dogs, I would recommend you to give yourself a second thought. Try going for a regular dog breed according to your lifestyle and companionship needs. 

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