Top 10 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Georgia (GA)

If you’re looking for a good family dog that enjoys as many activities as you do and gets along with everyone, both kids and adults, then the Bernese Mountain Dog, Poodle cross or Bernedoodle is a great option. This superb doodle breed is known for its beautiful coat (which is hypoallergenic in nature), its high intelligence (which it inherits from its poodle parent), and its gentle, yet playful disposition (which is mostly attributed to the Bernese parent).

They are also quite popular, as the doodle breed has seen an increase in popularity when looking at recent times. The state of Georgia in the United States is largely devoted to this wonderful doodle breed, with numerous breeders residing in the Peach State. This should make finding a breeder in the state very easy.

But, you should also be careful when it comes to picking the right Bernedoodle breeder to work with or patronize. Not all breeders are reputable enough to care for or properly breed the Bernedoodle. Some are puppy mills or bad breeders that you should certainly avoid. This is where we come in.

We have provided you with a list of good Bernedoodle breeders to help guide you in picking the right breeder for you. This is merely a guide, so always do your personal research before choosing to work with or patronize any breeder. With that being said, do read till the end as we reveal our personal pick from the list below.

1. Doodles On The Ridge

Doodles On The Ridge

The first breeder on our list is Doodles On The Ridge. This is a premium doodle breeder service that is located in McCaysville, Georgia. They specialize in three doodle breeds, the Bernedoodle, the Goldendoodle, and The Labradoodle, and are quite focused on first generation doodles. They are family operated and they have been in love with the Bernedoodle for years which is why they breed to improve their line.

All their dogs are from good breeding lines. They sometimes partner with other breeders after much research would have been done to ensure only the best puppies are used in their program. They are genetically and orthopedically tested with certifications to show for it. Your new puppy should come with a written health guarantee.

Their breeding facility is located in the Blue ridge mountains of Georgia on a 15 acre estate that boasts of multiple staff to help in providing quality attention and care to the puppies. The puppies are socialized early on through human and animal interaction as well as exposure to lots of stimulating experiences like sound and texture. You should be getting a well-vaccinated and dewormed puppy. They should also be microchipped.

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2. Doodle Mountain

Doodle Mountain
Doodle Mountain

Heather Wilkes of Doodle Mountain located in Manchester, Georgia is the 2nd breeder to be added to our list. They are breeders of premium quality Bernedoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs that are well trained and catered for. They have partnered breeders with and are quite experienced when it comes to breeding dogs.

Their breeding program is focused on both the temperament and health of their puppies. This is why all their dogs are carefully checked and tested to be sure they meet the very high standards that they set for themselves. Their parent dogs are family dogs that are tested for genetic health defects. They also have their hips, eyes, and elbows checked regularly.

Early socialization is highly utilized by this breeder to ensure all her puppies are well-rounded and sound. They make use of Sound and sight desensitization for all puppies. They are allowed to interact with people (both kids and adults of different age groups) as well as other animals. The puppies are potty trained, leash trained, and even crate trained. All their dogs should come with their full vaccinations and dewormings received at the appropriate age. It is worth stating that they do offer a health guarantee, but the exact length varies with certain factors.

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3. Island Doodles Of Georgia

Island Doodles Of Georgia
Island Doodles Of Georgia

Carter Doodles or Island Doodles Of Georgia is a breeder for both the Bernedoodle and The Goldendoodle. The breeding facility is owned and managed by Monica Carter and they are located on St. Simons Island, in Georgia. They are blessed with over 16 years of breeding experience behind them so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing.

They only use DNA tested parents in their program. Most of their dogs are pure breeds that are thoroughly researched before being added to the breeding program. They are health tested for both genetic health and general health including temperament testing. They have their full certifications available upon request. Their puppies each come with a 2 years written health guarantee.

All their dogs are raised in the family house in Georgia state. This is a large property that presents lots of opportunities for the puppies to socialize. They are raised using Puppy Culture and some other socializing protocols like Early Neurological Stimulation and a lot more. They are also introduced to basic potty and crate training. The puppies are properly dewormed and vaccinated. They should also come with a 2 years health guarantee and are microchipped.

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4. Hucakadoodle Farm

Hucakadoodle Farm
Hucakadoodle Farm

The 4th breeder on our list is Huckadoodle Farm. They are a premium blue ribbon breeder under that are responsible for breeding Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles and Cavapoos and are located in Arabi, Georgia. They are quite experienced when it comes to breeding as they boast over 15 years of breeding experience with breeding healthy family dogs.

Huckadoodle Farm is an ethical breeder with most of their puppies being from the first generation. This is why a lot of their sires and dams are pure breeds from impressive bloodlines. They perform the necessary checks on all their dogs before choosing to add them to their breeding program. This includes genetic testing and orthopedic testing. This is why their puppies come with a written health guarantee.

The farm is located in Arabi, Georgia. It is a large property that also houses other animals like cattle, chickens, and even dogs. The puppies are raised on this farm and are socialized with every opportunity they can get. They are raised with different socialization and enrichment methods, some including sound stimulation, household desensitization, as well as socialization with kids and adults. They also potty train, crate train, and doggy door train their puppies.

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5. Champion Of The Heart Bernedoodle

Champion Of The Heart Bernedoodle
Champion Of The Heart Bernedoodle

Asides from Bernedoodles, Champions of The Hearts doodles also breed Goldendoodles and Sheepadoodles and are located in Lavonia in Georgia state. The kennel facility is owned by the Alexander family and they are quite experienced breeders who have a lot of history with not only doodles but with purebred dogs too. They truly care for the Bernedoodle breed, which is why they work hard to breed the best.

The Alexander family are ethical breeders, with a lot of focus on the health, conformation, and temperament of all their dogs. They only make use of sires and dams with a lot of reputation as most of their breeding dogs are champion dogs with impressive pedigrees. Their dogs are genetically tested, as well as evaluated by licensed professionals and certified to have good working hips, elbows, and eyes.

Their puppies are raised in Alexander Acres, a very large property in Lavonia, Georgia. Their puppies have had a bit of fame, as they have appeared in numerous TV shows, magazines, and even books. They raise their dogs using modern enrichment methods like sound and household desensitization, Early Neurological Stimulation, and a lot more. Their dogs come with a written guarantee and updated vaccination, and deworming records.

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6. Mountain View Doodle Dogs

Mountain View Doodle Dogs
Mountain View Doodle Dogs

Bob and Lesli Gilbert are the power couple in charge of Mountain View Doodle Dogs, a premium breeder located in Dawsonville, Georgia and the 6th breeder to be added to our list. They have over 20 years of experience with the breed which is quite reassuring. Asides from breeding Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles, they also breed Poodles and are mostly focused on family dogs.

All their breeding parents are registered with the American Kennel Club. They are raised to very high standards and most of them come from championed lines with a pedigree that shows this. Genetic health testing is a must for all their puppies and so is orthopedic health testing which is done through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (the OFA).

As for their puppies, they are raised in Dawsonville, Georgia. In their family home which is important as it gives them all the opportunity to monitor and care for each of their dogs. The puppies are handled by people of different age classes and are provided with the right nutrition to support their immune systems. All their dogs should come with a written health guarantee. They should be properly vaccinated and dewormed with the right records to show for it.

Mountain View Doodle Dogs Contact Details

7. K and W Farms Bernedoodles

K and W Farms Bernedoodles
K and W Farms Bernedoodles

K and W Farms are breeders located in the Northeastern part of Georgia, precisely a town called Alto. Bryan Whitenton is the breeder behind the program and he is quite experienced when it comes to the breed. All their dogs are superb Bernedoodle puppies of the standard size. Their dogs are raised to be versatile, excelling as family dogs, show dogs, work, and therapy dogs too.

They use only the best dogs in their breeding program. Most of their dogs are registered by the AKC and all are raised by the very strict and high standards set by the AKC. Every dog is genetically health tested before being added to the breeding program. They also undergo general health testing and even have their temperaments checked before being added to the program.

All their dogs are raised on a large farm in Alto Georgia alongside other animals like horses and cattle. They are allowed to explore the farm and each dog soaks in different stimulating experiences and stimulations that could help in improving the breed. They are vaccinated and dewormed and all come with written health guarantees. The puppies are also microchipped and each has their dew claws clipped.

K and W Farms Bernedoodles Contact Details

8. SouthEast Doodles

McDonough is the precise location for Southeast Doodles. They are the 8th breeder to be added to our list of Bernedoodle breeders in the state of Georgia. They are premium breeders of both Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles of the first generation of doodles. Their dogs are raised to be proper family dogs and each of them is healthy, intelligent, and well-tempered. .

SouthEast Doodles are quite interested in the overall health and temperament of their breeding dogs. This is achieved through thorough screening of all sires and dams. They spend hours researching each breeding dog’s pedigree. Their dogs also have their genetic and orthopedic health tested with certifications and health records to show for it.

All their puppies are home-raised in McDonough, Georgia, They are properly socialized using different socializing methods including human interaction and handling. The puppies are exposed to various stimulating experiences including sounds, sights, and textures. The puppies are properly trained on both potty and crate and they each come with a 2 years written health guarantee.

Each of their dogs should come with updated records of their vaccinations and deworming shots fully received. They should also be microchipped and each should have their dew claws clipped.

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9. Lincoln Avenue Doodles

Lincoln Avenue Doodles
Lincoln Avenue Doodles

Lincoln Avenue Doodles is owned and managed by Ashley Carlton, and they are located in Fitzgerald, Georgia. They breed Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Poodles of different sizes and color variations. They breed mainly for health, temperament, and of course, for intelligence. They started their breeding program in 2018 and are quite renowned in Georgia for the quality of puppies they produce.

All their dogs are raised in a clean and well-organized kennel in Georgia state. They care about how effective and smooth the transition into their new home is for their puppies, this is why socialization is very important to this breeder. All their dogs are raised and handled by people of various age ranges both kids and adults.

Their breeding program is mostly filled with purebred dogs that are raised according to high standards. Their breeding dogs come from impressive lineages and carry decent pedigrees to show it. They are genetically health-tested dogs for certain genetic health issues like DM and EIC. They also have their Orthopedic health checked with certifications to show for it. Their Bernedoodle puppies all come with a 1 health guarantee.

Lincoln Avenue Doodles Contact Details

10. Bethel Doodle Ranch

Bethel Doodle Ranch is the 10th and final breeder of the Bernedoodle to be added to our list. They are still new to breeding Bernedoodles but their breeding program shows great promise. They are located in Woodland, Georgia. They mostly breed F1b Bernedoodles with the phantom coat and their puppies are raised as wonderful show and service dogs as well as family dogs.

The puppies are socialized in a family-friendly environment in Woodland, Georgia. They get to live with the head breeder Jennie, Chris, her husband, and 4 active children that love to run and play with the puppies. All their dogs are well-fed and given the appropriate nutrition. They are also given basic potty and crate training introduction.

Their sires and dams are properly researched, carefully chosen, and paired to make sure only good Bernedoodle liters are produced. They test their adult dogs for genetic health issues as well as orthopedic health issues. Each of their puppies has their vaccination and deworming records fully updated and they also come with pet insurance free for 30 days and rehoming information.

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My Top Pick

My personal pick from this list of breeders above is Mountain View Doodle Dogs located in Dawson, Georgia. My reasons for picking them are very simple. Their level of experience is very impressive. With over 20 years of breeding history, you can be sure that Bob and Lesli Gilbert know what they are doing.

Also, they also have a decent breeding program as well as observe good socialization practices. All their parent dogs are registered dogs under the American Kennel Club which is also another good sign.

This should however not be enough when picking the right breeder for you. It is always important to do your personal detailed research on any breeder you intend to work with. Ask the right questions and demand the right certifications. You can check out our website for more engaging articles like this and more.

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