Why Puppy Growls And Bites When Picked Up

Have you ever wondered why a puppy growls and bites when picked up? Well, there are numerous reasons why your pup might growl or bite at you, and not all of them have to do with challenging your authority. Some growls and bites are just a sign of a happy, healthy puppy!

In order to know why your dog growls and bites at you, you first need to know what to look for. Here are some of the most common reasons your dog might growl or bite at you, and you should do something about it. 

Dog bites are often the result of a mix of anxiety, excitement, and panic. The dog may be trying to protect itself from something that you did or something that you were doing. 

It’s also important to know that your puppy might be fine with being held, but just isn’t feeling comfortable. He might be feeling anxious or insecure and try to avoid being held altogether.

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An easy solution is to use a soft, pillowy treat to soothe him when he’s anxious or insecure. If your puppy is constantly trying to get out of being held even when you try the easiest of things like holding him with a pillow, it might be a good idea to try a different approach.

Similarly, you may need to work on ways to communicate with your dog if you find that he’s afraid of new people or animals. If your dog is having a hard time with new people or animals, you may want to consider whether the situation is too stressful for him.

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Do you want it relevant to what you’re looking for? Keep on reading the article for more information:

Puppy growls and bites when picked up?

There can be numerous reasons why a puppy starts growling or biting when you hold them. For example, they are just uncomfortable. Or maybe they need a little more socialization. If your puppy is well-socialized from a young age, he may be less likely to bite.

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Finally, don’t try to force a happy or sad mood on your puppy by petting or holding him. Be patient and observe your puppy carefully. He may try to show you that he’s happy or sad with each of your actions.

  1. Your pup can get scared when restrained.
  2. The puppy may be feeling pressurized and nervous.
  3. They may find your touch hard and they are unable to match.
  4. Possibly, there are some underlying issues.

Why does my dog growls every time I pick him up?

It is important to understand your dog’s psychology and show him love, affection, and respect. If you’re handling your dog and he growls, don’t get defensive. Calmly and gently let your dog know he is okay.

Gently pick him up and put him in his favorite environments such as his crate or bed. If your pooch is growling all the time while you try to take him outside, it’s a good idea to seek out the advice of your veterinarian.

How to stop puppy growls and bites when picked up?

Some dogs growl at people because they are insecure or are feeling threatened. If your dog barks at people or bites when picked up, you may have to work on changing this behavior. Be patient.

When you first hold your dog, he may most likely be stressed out. He may be confused, or afraid. You have to stay cool, calm, and collected.

Don’t be quick in action. Eventually, you can solve the problem by removing the cause of the stress. There are a few things you can do to help this situation:

Is it normal for an 8 week old puppy to growl?

It’s normal for puppies to show some level of aggression during this early socialization phase. Puppies are also very curious and will try anything twice. This behavior is perfectly normal and should subside once he’s used to your schedule.

If your puppy is showing any aggression toward other dogs or people, he should be separated from other dogs as soon as possible and receive proper socialization.

Some puppies are naturally more assertive than others, so it’s a good idea to work with them on this behavior as well.

A good trainer will help you choose the right strategy for your pup and give you tips to make your training easier and more productive. They will also help you find the right amount of pressure, pace, and difficulty for your dog’s training.

How to make your puppy comfortable?

Well, there are so many ways which you can use to make your pup comfortable, some of them are the following:

Try to give them a little space:

If he’s being held down or restrained, he may start to get angry or show other signs of agitation. Try to give them a little space so they can exercise a little freedom.

Give them lots of positive attention:

You can also consider giving your dog a small treat before picking them up or just after picking to give him a boost of confidence. Keep in mind that showing your dog lots of positive attention will help you develop a bond with them.

Hold them gently and with light pressure:

There are certain situations that can still cause your pup anxiety. To prevent alarming your pup try to avoid sudden movements. Hold them gently and with light pressure on your hands.

Let your puppy explore his surroundings:

Some puppies may enjoy being held or petted from a young age, while others may be hesitant at first. It’s important to practice touch with your puppy, and make sure you don’t just grab a tail or head and start petting. It’s important to slowly let your pup explore his surroundings so he doesn’t get scared and withdraw. 

Get professional trainer’s help:

Another common issue that causes growling and biting is anxiety. If your dog is constantly anxious when you try to pick him up, it could be a sign that he’s uncomfortable being held in the first place. A trainer can help you understand your dog’s behavior and provide specific action steps to take to make your pup less anxious when you try to pick him up.

What you should do to make your dog more comfortable when being picked up?

While it may seem like an easy task to just pick your dog up, he may not be too fond of being picked up. There are a few things you can do to make your dog more comfortable with being picked up: Use positive reinforcement, reward them for obedience, and don’t startle them by making abrupt movements.

When you should train your puppy not to growl and bite?

It is critical that you start your puppy socialization training as soon as possible, as socialization teaches your dog how to interact with other animals, people, and other dogs.

Be sure to start small and progress slowly, and don’t be afraid to correct your pup if he bites when he shouldn’t. You should start training your puppy as soon as they are 8 and 18 weeks old. The earlier you start training your dog, the more consistent and effective the training will be.

The best training method is one that reinforces good behavior and provides stress relief for your pup. With the right amount of effort, you can make training a dog easy. It doesn’t have to be hard work; just commit to doing the work every day.

It may take a few visits to the behaviorist or trainer to help your pup change his routine. If you decide to go to a behaviorist or trainer for help changing your puppy’s behavior, pick someone who specializes in training dogs. A behaviorist or trainer can work with you to improve your pup’s behavior.

What if my puppy is still growling and biting when I try to pick him up?

While most growls are innocuous, they can be a sign of serious canine behavior problems. If your pup is growling at you or his litter mates when he’s happy, aggressive, or just curious, he may have a problem that can be resolved with a healthy dose of obedience training.

You need to exercise patience and help the pup get trained. Positive reinforcement can help you achieve the goal. But in case nothing works a behaviorist can help you identify these issues and give you specific actions to take.


We hope you have found the answer to your question, Why does my puppy growls and bite when picked up?” We have mentioned multiple reasons that may cause this situation. This article will help you know more about your puppy.

Picking your puppy up can be a scary experience for them at first. So, don’t be surprised if they growl and bite when picked up. This is normal. That is their way of protecting themselves and getting away from danger. 

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